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A Wirral councillor, expelled from Labour over her support for a proscribed organisation that downplayed antisemitism allegations, has joined the Green Party.

Jo Bird, who once joked about “Jew process” and claimed antisemitism was given more attention than other forms of racism, was confirmed as a Green councillor for Bromborough, Port Sunlight and New Ferry on Tuesday.

In response Mike Katz, the Jewish Labour Movement’s national chair, tweeted: “Seems the Green Party really isn’t at all fussy about who it takes in as a member and a councillor.”

Overlooking Bird’s expulsion from Labour last November – after she spoke at a Labour Against the Witchhunt (LAW) meeting in 2018 and signing a a further petition in 2020 – Cllr Pat Cleary, leader of the now six-strong Green group on Wirral Council welcomed her to the party.

He said:”Passionate, effective, hard-working people like Jo are very welcome in the Green Party.”

Bird said:” “I stood to promote justice and equality, protect lives and livelihoods, enhance jobs, services and our environment, and oppose cruel cuts.

“But Labour and Conservative councillors have just voted for cuts to frontline council services. Only the Green councillors voted for my budget proposals to save Wirral libraries and Europa fun pool.”

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